Welcome, Aero Sports Connection is supporting you, even if you are not yet a member.

So why become a member? Your voice with ours, and many others, will help keep the sport we love alive. We can do much more as a group together than we can as individuals. If you became a member, you would have many new and exciting things to review and consider, action you can take!

Aero Sports Connection has programs in vehicle registration, pilot registration, competition (both individual and club cross-country) and an extension exemption to allowed aircraft inspections.  It is the organization you should join. Not because it is a requirement, because it is what the community needs.

For those of you who are not familiar with the structure of ASC, you should know that ASC is designed with a central support office for large organization duties and "Wings" for specific area needs. When you select a wing for your emphasis, it directs funds to support that area of need. Your wing emphasis does not limit your membership or your activities in any way. What the wing structure does is allow directors of individual wings to focus their activities on the mission of that wing. As you know, we already have a Designer Wing, Powered Para Glider Wing, Training Wing, Fixed Wing, Trike Wing, the Soaring Association, the Para Wing, Rotor Wing, and Flight Park Wing and even a Competition Wing is under consideration.

ASC is a non-profit 501 (c) 4 organization. All the key positions within ASC are elected. If you were to become a member you would be able to vote for these officers. Your support would make their strength and service to the community even stronger and more valuable.

As you can see, ASC is a unique non-profit organization with many opportunities to shape and influence the "future history" of the ultralight movement. You should consider joining us as we seek to support ultralight flying, "For the good of the ultralight community."

Keep'em flying,

President, CEO

Pay Online

Now you can join on the web for $30 per year.

ASC Tandem Exemption Fee $100