Qualifying for PPG Tandem with ASC DCP_2501Mo


To do PPG tandems you need the following, as listed in the Basic Flight Instructor (BFI) Application:




1) A minimum of 35 hours flying. 


2) A minimum of 10 hours in training/flying tandem/dual.dave rogers

3) Have a referring BFI recommend you.

4) Have a second signature from an AFI (Advanced Flight Instructor).

5) Pass the FOI, oral, and flight tests. Here is a study Guide for the Fundamentals Of Instruction (FOI):



6) The oral is that you fully understand part 103:



And you fully understand the ASC exemption:DSC00467


7) Send in membership application to ASC with payment of $30 annual fee.

8) Fill out ASC BFI application with payment of $100 annual fee.

9) Follow the stipulations of the ASC exemption.

A) Maintain annual ASC memberships.DSC03461

B) Be familiar with the provisions of the exemption.

C) Inform your student/passenger that the tandem flight is conducted under an exemption granted by the FAA.

D) Inform your student/passenger that the foot-launched, two-place powered and unpowered paraglider or hang glider does not meet aircraft certification standards set forth by the FAA.

E) Must have in your personal possession a copy of the authorization issued by ASC and a copy of the FAA exemption letter.


Additionally, expect to pay the BFI and AFI a few hundred dollars each for helping you to get this done.