Take to FSDO

Getting your repairman FAA Certificate.

Call your local FSDO and make an appointment.  Tell them what you need.

What to take to the FSDO, take the following:

1) Your photo ID

2) The original of your class certificate and a copy (Only let them have the copy.)

3) Your airworthiness certificate, 8130-7

4) Your Ops Limits that go with the airworthiness

5) Your registration card 8050-3     You do not need to have the aircraft re-inspected.  

There are forms on the CD I gave you.  One is filled out as a sample.  The other is blank for you to fill out.  

The Class ID number and date and location are on the certificate.  

If you have problems, refer them 14CFR65.107 and to Edsel Ford , LSAB Oklahoma City  405-954-3668.  

If Edsel is not available, I may be able to help. 

Jim Stephenson  269-209-1466