Become an Instructor

 Dear Potential Basic Flight Instructor for PPG rating,

Oct, 2016 ASC received the extended training exemption No. 9785D that applies to training in aircraft that meet all of the requirements of 14CFR 103, except 103.1(a) thereby allowing two place tandem training operation.

This means the aircraft must meet part 103 empty weight and not be N numbered.

In order to renew, you must obtain a current membership with ASC, your vehicle must become registered with ASC and you must show that you have previously held a ppg BFI.

Use the enclosed forms to complete the process. Membership may be reinstated now for $30/yr, vehicle registration is $25 (once only) and BFI renewal is $100/yr.

If you are an instructor who was a BFIs but did not have a ppg rating, they may qualify by completing the instructor proficiency test with another BFI. If you are a pilot who would like to qualify for BFI ppg, The process includes getting a minimum of 25 hours flight experience and 10 hours of direct training towards being a BFI. The testing includes a FOI test, a BFI written test and a flight test with an AFI. Have them call ASC for details or use your new BFI book to show them what is required.

We need instructors for ppg. We hope you will seek to serve the community.

Jim Stephenson
Aero Sports Connection, Inc